Memory Jar

TIME is dear then a gold or money, Time is unstoppable and the worst is the fact that we can’t escape from it, someday we’ll grow up, and every minute  we get older. Nowadays we waste it, and days are going by like nothing had happened it’s usual thing and we don’t even realize that we are losing something really important, it will continue until we once look in the mirror and see wrinkles on the face, hair is starting to lose it’s color but it will be already too late, won’t  it?

Mostly humans live 70-75 years. How Do you think is it much? I don’t think so let’s see.  Its only 25 567,5 – 27 393,75 days, it’s not a big number, and if we just count how many days we have left we just realize how little number it is, when I saw mine  I looked at my friend with a shocked face I said “OMG it’s not enough.” , it wasn’t a big number and anyway it wasn’t enough for me and for my plans for even dreaming, and what do we have from life we just have our memories and nothing. And the I realized that I had less than 30 good memories. It was like I got a big punch from life, and I opened my eyes.


I decide to do something,  When I’ll be  18 to, That  sounds silly but anyway I think it really will  help me in gathering good memories. I will count  (years × 365,25) how many day’s I have  left. then I’ll go to the shop and buy little balls for each day, I‘ll put them in the jarand every day I will take one out of it, so It will help me to see how much time I waste and how much I used correctly, and I will get one jar for memories, I will paint on it beautiful smile and if I will have good memory during the day I’ll put ball there.

If someday I see that the Day’s jar is already empty I will  go on living and every day will be a great gift for me. Days and minutes always are gifts, but when you have more then u needed you realize how dare gift it is.


Letter to Mom

                                                                                                1940, the 4th of September.                                                                                                      From: George Donald.                                                                                                              To: Kate Donald.

Dear Mom! How Are You? You Know Being Here is not as horrible as I imagined, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. The only thing that I want now is that you were happy. You know, we guys had some bear yesterday our general made gift with it, we had hard day so this golden liquid made us relax.

I remembered few days ago, that days when I was there, with friends, we were drinking and you made for us cakes, do you remember? I miss that time too much, I miss your cakes, and most of all I miss you.

Our military work is a drop in the ocean, Germany has destructive weapons and on front we fight like lions, sometimes I’m really surprised with my skills.

This world war will destruct too many things, but anyway not love, I think it’ll be stronger then war.

Now I have to go. Bye mom.


I gave letter instead of George, because it was impossible for him anymore to do it.

It was Monday, evening when someone shot him, and he fall down, blood covered the ground he looked at me with terrified eyes which asked me for help. George took my arm, he hold it with his half feeble hands and talked with a very low voice, like whisper.

-John, help me.-he asked it with words and also with all his gesticulation,  I looked at him and I felt that it was too late. He tried to breathe but, it was too hard to do, and most tragic for me was that I was in front of him, I saw how he suffered, I could feel how much he wanted to live on, but I couldn’t do anything I felt myself so weak and unnecessary.

-John, under my blanket, there are my letters for mom, send her them instead of me, if I… I…-and I realised that it ended, I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t and I got that I was changed into a monster without any humane feelings, I couldn’t even cry after my best friend’s death, it was horrible to understand that war changed you into horrible thing, I was not living, I just existed, without any humane emotions.

I felt Myself like piece of meat, like monster disguised into a human’s skin, and war made me like that.This war made me to think like an animal and act like an animal, I existed even with using animal’s law “eat them, or they will eat you”. But why?


About Lara’s Notebook

ერთ დღეს ჩემმა მეგობარმა ანი ბუნტურმა მთხოვა დამეწერა რაიმე “Love Story”, გამომდინარე იქიდან, რომ ამ ჟანრში არანაირი გამოცდილება არ მქონდა დიდხანს ვიმტვრიე თავი, რომ მომეფიქრებინა რაღაც ისეთი რაც არსად მენახა. სიუჟეტის მოფიქრების შემდეგ კი მოვინდომე ამის გადმოსაცემადაც განსხვავებული ფორმა მომეფიქრებინა და ბოლოს გადავწყვიტე, რომ ნაწარმოებისთვის ჩანაწერების ფორმა მიმეცა, საიდანაც გაჩნდა სათაური “Lara’s Notebook” .

tumblr_mmk18vmpsl1sqxkpco1_500 (1)ds

მინდა აღვნიშნო, რომ ნაწარმოების (თუ შეიძლება ამას ასე ვუწოდოთ) წერისას არც კი მიფიქრია, რომ ის ამდენ მკითხველს მიიზიდავდა ჩემდა გასაოცრად “Lara’s Notebook”-მა  16 წლის გოგოს ნაჯღაბნის კვალობაზე  დიდი წარმატება მომიტანა. გაგიკვირდებათ და გამოჩდნენ პლაგიატებიც, რომლებმაც დაიწყეს რაღაც მსგავსის გაკეთება, ცოტა გავბრაზდი და ცოტა გახარებულიც დავრჩი ანუ ვიღაცისთვის სამაგალითო რაღაც შევქმენი.

მინდა ყველას მადლობა მოგახსენოთ ასეთი დაინტერესებისთვის.

დავიწყე “Lara’s Notebook” -ის ინგლისურად თარგმნა და -ზე დადება, მინდა გითხრათ, რომ მას დაემატება ისეთი თავები, რომლებიც ბლოგზე ნახსენები არაა თუ გაინტერესებთ შეგიძლიათ იხილოთ, ჯერ-ჯერობით იგი არაა სრულად ნათარგმნი თავები ეტაპურად დაიდება, უკვე დამატებულია ისეთი ერთი თავეიც რომელიც ქართულ ვერსიაში არაა. თუ დაინტერესდებით იხილეთ: “Lara’s Notebook”