Sunflowers (Part 4)


The years went by,  the girl grew up quickly, and during that time Sarah has never left her alone. They were like one. Lilly tried to avoid speaking about Sarah, but her parents were not deaf enough not to hear how she was talking loudly in her room, and they weren’t blind not to see how Lilly changed. Her mom Blamed in it herself and her father blamed her too, everyday life was harder for her mom. She was watching her and couldn’t do anything and she knew that it was her fault.

“Lilly can we speak? “ She said one day.

“Yes mom…”

“My dear, I think you need help. I will stand by your side any time, you can tell me everything If you want.”

“I knew it mom.–she smiled with a beautiful smile.

“You know I heard you were speaking to someone… As I know you were alone, weren’t you?”

Lilly got what Mom was talking about, she wanted to know about her friend. there was silent in which minutes seemed centuries.

“I will try to help you.” She spoke  again. “You know how important you are for me.”

“She knows everything, It doesn’t matter you say anything or not.” Sarah’s voice came from the corner of the room.

Lilly nodded her and started to speak what was happening to her. “ Mom I know that you are worrying but you don’t have reason for it. Sarah is my friend.”

“Again Sarah” She said and put her head in her hands like she didn’t want to show her girl her tears.

“Mom she is my friend…” She said calming her mom. She clapped her hand on mom’s shoulder, trying to see her face. “You know what? She is invisible, nobody can see her, because I’m special for her. She stands in front of you now.”

Woman looked at her like she was crazy…

Days went by, she woman tried to be friendly, to make daughter forget about Sarah, but all what she had tried was useless. Lilly’s mom decided to take her to the psychologist. For first time she refused to go there, and to say a word. The room was full of toys and beautiful paintings, psychologist knew how to treat girls like Lilly and soon the girl loved her too. She was speaking to her like with She did with Sarah, and it made searching easier, but anyway she refused speaking about what happened before Sarah appeared. After a few days late Psychologist  said that The girl needed help as fast as possible, because she had a  trauma because of a huge attack on her soul, that was really hard to research because, she refused to speak about that thing.


10 years after that.

In a little room she sat on her bed, there was Sarah in the corner sitting her hands locked on her knees, they seemed sad. Door opened, and a middle aged woman entered with a short brown hair, she wore whites.

”It’s time to take your meds. “ she said in a soft voice.

Lilly watched without any gestures on her face, she was used to it. How couldn’t she It was more than 3 years after she was there.

“Shh… Sarah has a headache…” she said quickly, when woman started to come closer with noisy steps

“You have visitor outside “

Lilly’s face was motionless again. She took meds first and then walked after the woman.

“Will you come?” she asked before woman closed door.

Sarah refused.

They  were sitting in the garden full of people, some of them was walking without any emotions, some of them were jumping and  by every persons side there was a men or woman in white clothes.. Yes It was Psychiatric clinic.

A woman was sitting alone to the table, she was waiting for her daughter.

Lilly looked at her with frightening eyes. She was angry.

“I’m normal.” She started speaking with an angry voice.

“Being here is better for you.” She said and her eyes filled with tears.

They were there sitting and watching each other without words…

“If I didn’t say a word about your dead sister, your twin, you would be normal..” She whispered crying, she couldn’t watch in her eyes anymore, she blamed herself… But it wasn’t her fault, She don’’t knew what will happen after she said truth to her daughter.



Sunflowers (Part 3)



It Was Morning. Lilly opened her eyes when the sun’s light ran through the window. The clock showed just 8 P.M. Her doll sat on the chair next to her bed, She found getting up very hard after a long night. She understood what a terrible dream it was, and was asking herself why didn’t she wake up at night, when she had nightmares she used to wake up.

She was still in her bad, but the sun annoyed, the eyes were getting more and more tired because of the sun, so little girl had no choice she had to get up, when she touched the floor first thing what she had done was saying “Hello” to her  doll. She loved it really too much, she acted like it was real, like it could hear, speak, and when she was playing with it everyone said that she was born to be actress. She was so beautiful when she played. In her  gestures and movements you could say that she loved it. She treated to doll warmly, she didn’t like girls of her age she was different, she knew more then others.


she went out with her doll. she ran to the place where sunfloweres were growing, She loved that place after the moment , when she heared the trouth from her mother. 

She put the doll on the stone when suddenly Something appiared from the ground.. It raised from earth, Like soul, She was Sarah… Lilly felt afreid but she didn’t scream this time..

“You are real?” She asked terrified voice…

“Yes what’s the metter?”

“I thought that I What I saw… It.. It was a dream…”

Sarah  chuckled… “I know It’s seems unreal, and you are more serious then other your aged girls but…”

“I know but… It was easier to believe that all I’ve seen yesterday was just a dream.”

Lilly’s eyes vere getting wet, when she realised that all she saw yesterday was real… All she heared…

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked standing in front of her, she was so warm when she talked to her.



“He’s angry.”

“Don’t think about him, you are different, that’s all.”

” I’m scared.” Words flew from her mouth.

“For what?”

” One day I’ll lost them all…”

“If you want, I’ll dissappiar from your life anymore.” sarah said and smiled like saing these words were nothing to her.

“No….If you leave me, then I’ll be all alone.” Lilly’s voice was broken.


Sunflowers (Part 2)



“Lilly, Are you here?” little girl heared her moms voice.

“Yes Momma.” She replied and suddenly saw her mom’s face coming out of the sunflowers, her face was bautiful pale, in which red dark lips looked like red flower in the snowy garden.

“Momma so do you want to play with us?” She said and with her arm took the doll in the air. Sarah came to her and put her one finger on her big pink lips.

“Shh..pretend like I’m not here”  She said and llilly noded so that mom couldn’t get it…

“Not now you have to eat, we have not time to help your favourite cake is getting cool…” Mom saidd bowing to kiss her child on forehead. “I love you so much…”

“I love you too, mommy”

after sweet wods lilly’s hands locked on mom’s neck.

“let us go and have our cake” She said holding lilly’s little hand.

House seemed very beautiful like in old tales, made of stones, little but warm. she went in a nerrow hall, and put her dall in a chair.

“Go and clean your hands.” Mom said entering kitchen. In the whole house Lilly could smell sweet smell of cake.

“Can sarah have a piece of it?” She asked in a low voice closing the door behind…

“Hash, They won’t believe you.” Sarah said from behind.

“Sarah?” Mom asked. ” You still speak to you doll?”

“Um… Mommy It smells delicious, you are the best mom in the world.” She said hugging her.

She started laughiung “And you are the best girl in the world.” Replied mom tickling Lilly.

“Hahahaha mom stop.” She said can’t stop laughing. Lilly took one piece of it and started eating, “It’s brilliant”.

“Will you drink a cup of milk with it.” yes.

The evening went perfectly mom and lilly played for all the time. father entered and smiled at them when saw them playing.

“Go and keep playing in your room I’ll be there in a minute.”

Lilly went upstairs and she suddenly heard a voice which looked like lions roar…

“You have to shut up, Why you have told Lilly about her..?”man’s voice growled.

“But this doesn’t  help now,what can we do?”

Lilly burst into tears and sarah was just sitting on the chair with sad face she couldn’t help crying… Suddenly she sat next to Lilly calming her ” Don’t cry… It’s nothing..” She said wiping tears from her face. “Shhhh….” she said kissing her forehead… “Everithing will be okay” But she know It won’t and her eyes filled with tears.

Sunflowers (Part 1)

sunflowers were blooming, She was with them, seemed happy playing with her little doll, she was running from one place to another and didn’t get tired, she was child full of energy, she suddenly saw herself… No it wasn’t her, she look liked her, It was like she was looking in the mirror, but she didn’t repeated her movements, suddenly she disappeared, and Lilly heard her own voice coming from her back.

“Don’t be afraid.” she said. “I wanted to meet you.”

Lilly turned and started to shout…”Aaaah”

“shhhh…don’t cry, I love you” she calmed her and then kissed on forehead.. “Don’t be afraid”

“Are you me?” She asked in a low voice, in which everyone could fell trembling.

“You can say so, I can’t tell you anything, you will understand it yourself, for now I’m second you, you can call me so…” said with calming voice and sat on a big stone next to her.

“Why are you here?” There was a big pause. “What do you want?”

“ Nothing, just to be with you.” she looked at her with huge brown eyes. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yes second me…” she answered slowly.

“Can you keep a secret?”

“Um… yes..”

“If you say anyone about me, they won’t believe you, it’s better  for you to don’t speak about me…”

“Umm yes but why?”

“Because you are special for me, no one can see me…”

“What’s your name second me?” she asked and waited for an answer impatiently.

“I don’t have name” said the same voice with depression.

“Can… um.. Can I give you name” She said with loving voice.

“if you want” she said smiling at her.  Bright white teeth seemed like in tooth brush ads.

“Sarah, I love this name, it’s my doll’s name.” she said and took her doll in her little hands.

“Okay, If you want so…” She said looking at sunflower. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it.” Se said and put her head in her one hand.

“Are you my fairy. Like in Cinderella.” She asked her.

“No I’m not fairy. Shhhh… someone’s coming” she said movelessly.




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