Dear May! You Knbow latly I have been very busy this is reason why I couldn’t speak with you often… Today I just sat on the chair comfortably and tried to start writing post and then I realised that muse didn’t come. I think it’s a bit because I was used to write posts in Georgian and now I’m trying to start posting in English to make my blog more popular. But anyway the fact is that I have no idea what to post about, if you know tell me because it’s a pain when you watch This


And can’t wrirte a word. 😦  It’s not lazyness I can swear but Nothing is coming in my mind 😦

May, By the way I started write new novel on http://www.Wattpad.com It’s name is Ability, My friend asked me to write story which’s main charactor would be he, so I just started to write it It sounded at first a bit funny but it now seems cool I think, promise that If you read it you’ll tell me about your opinion, here is link- http://www.wattpad.com/47323179-ability-the-wish

I have to go May, Bye ❤

P.S Dear readers write Me What you want to read in next post ❤ love you bye ^_^


8 thoughts on “Diary

  1. ვათპადიიიი არ მეგონა თუკი აღმოჩნდებოდა ვინმე ვინც იცოდაააა, ძალიან ძალიან მიხარიიაა,, სასწრაპოდ მომეცი შენი ექაუნთის ლინკიი და წავიკითხხავ სასწრაფოდს შნე ს ნამუშევრებსს ❤

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