Sunflowers (Part 1)

sunflowers were blooming, She was with them, seemed happy playing with her little doll, she was running from one place to another and didn’t get tired, she was child full of energy, she suddenly saw herself… No it wasn’t her, she look liked her, It was like she was looking in the mirror, but she didn’t repeated her movements, suddenly she disappeared, and Lilly heard her own voice coming from her back.

“Don’t be afraid.” she said. “I wanted to meet you.”

Lilly turned and started to shout…”Aaaah”

“shhhh…don’t cry, I love you” she calmed her and then kissed on forehead.. “Don’t be afraid”

“Are you me?” She asked in a low voice, in which everyone could fell trembling.

“You can say so, I can’t tell you anything, you will understand it yourself, for now I’m second you, you can call me so…” said with calming voice and sat on a big stone next to her.

“Why are you here?” There was a big pause. “What do you want?”

“ Nothing, just to be with you.” she looked at her with huge brown eyes. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yes second me…” she answered slowly.

“Can you keep a secret?”

“Um… yes..”

“If you say anyone about me, they won’t believe you, it’s better  for you to don’t speak about me…”

“Umm yes but why?”

“Because you are special for me, no one can see me…”

“What’s your name second me?” she asked and waited for an answer impatiently.

“I don’t have name” said the same voice with depression.

“Can… um.. Can I give you name” She said with loving voice.

“if you want” she said smiling at her.  Bright white teeth seemed like in tooth brush ads.

“Sarah, I love this name, it’s my doll’s name.” she said and took her doll in her little hands.

“Okay, If you want so…” She said looking at sunflower. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it.” Se said and put her head in her one hand.

“Are you my fairy. Like in Cinderella.” She asked her.

“No I’m not fairy. Shhhh… someone’s coming” she said movelessly.


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