Sunflowers (Part 2)



“Lilly, Are you here?” little girl heared her moms voice.

“Yes Momma.” She replied and suddenly saw her mom’s face coming out of the sunflowers, her face was bautiful pale, in which red dark lips looked like red flower in the snowy garden.

“Momma so do you want to play with us?” She said and with her arm took the doll in the air. Sarah came to her and put her one finger on her big pink lips.

“Shh..pretend like I’m not here”  She said and llilly noded so that mom couldn’t get it…

“Not now you have to eat, we have not time to help your favourite cake is getting cool…” Mom saidd bowing to kiss her child on forehead. “I love you so much…”

“I love you too, mommy”

after sweet wods lilly’s hands locked on mom’s neck.

“let us go and have our cake” She said holding lilly’s little hand.

House seemed very beautiful like in old tales, made of stones, little but warm. she went in a nerrow hall, and put her dall in a chair.

“Go and clean your hands.” Mom said entering kitchen. In the whole house Lilly could smell sweet smell of cake.

“Can sarah have a piece of it?” She asked in a low voice closing the door behind…

“Hash, They won’t believe you.” Sarah said from behind.

“Sarah?” Mom asked. ” You still speak to you doll?”

“Um… Mommy It smells delicious, you are the best mom in the world.” She said hugging her.

She started laughiung “And you are the best girl in the world.” Replied mom tickling Lilly.

“Hahahaha mom stop.” She said can’t stop laughing. Lilly took one piece of it and started eating, “It’s brilliant”.

“Will you drink a cup of milk with it.” yes.

The evening went perfectly mom and lilly played for all the time. father entered and smiled at them when saw them playing.

“Go and keep playing in your room I’ll be there in a minute.”

Lilly went upstairs and she suddenly heard a voice which looked like lions roar…

“You have to shut up, Why you have told Lilly about her..?”man’s voice growled.

“But this doesn’t  help now,what can we do?”

Lilly burst into tears and sarah was just sitting on the chair with sad face she couldn’t help crying… Suddenly she sat next to Lilly calming her ” Don’t cry… It’s nothing..” She said wiping tears from her face. “Shhhh….” she said kissing her forehead… “Everithing will be okay” But she know It won’t and her eyes filled with tears.


2 thoughts on “Sunflowers (Part 2)

  1. Thanks for being the best person I’ve ever known…for treating me like no one has treated me before…Funny, smart, and good-loocking. and surpisingly sweet. I’m glad I have you in my life. I just wish that you be blessed so much that all who see you, learn that good people are always rewarded. You were my inspiration, I looked up to you…I followed in your footsteps. I look up in the sky every night to tell you the bond of ours will never end.
    Love you.

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