Sunflowers (Part 3)



It Was Morning. Lilly opened her eyes when the sun’s light ran through the window. The clock showed just 8 P.M. Her doll sat on the chair next to her bed, She found getting up very hard after a long night. She understood what a terrible dream it was, and was asking herself why didn’t she wake up at night, when she had nightmares she used to wake up.

She was still in her bad, but the sun annoyed, the eyes were getting more and more tired because of the sun, so little girl had no choice she had to get up, when she touched the floor first thing what she had done was saying “Hello” to her  doll. She loved it really too much, she acted like it was real, like it could hear, speak, and when she was playing with it everyone said that she was born to be actress. She was so beautiful when she played. In her  gestures and movements you could say that she loved it. She treated to doll warmly, she didn’t like girls of her age she was different, she knew more then others.


she went out with her doll. she ran to the place where sunfloweres were growing, She loved that place after the moment , when she heared the trouth from her mother. 

She put the doll on the stone when suddenly Something appiared from the ground.. It raised from earth, Like soul, She was Sarah… Lilly felt afreid but she didn’t scream this time..

“You are real?” She asked terrified voice…

“Yes what’s the metter?”

“I thought that I What I saw… It.. It was a dream…”

Sarah  chuckled… “I know It’s seems unreal, and you are more serious then other your aged girls but…”

“I know but… It was easier to believe that all I’ve seen yesterday was just a dream.”

Lilly’s eyes vere getting wet, when she realised that all she saw yesterday was real… All she heared…

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked standing in front of her, she was so warm when she talked to her.



“He’s angry.”

“Don’t think about him, you are different, that’s all.”

” I’m scared.” Words flew from her mouth.

“For what?”

” One day I’ll lost them all…”

“If you want, I’ll dissappiar from your life anymore.” sarah said and smiled like saing these words were nothing to her.

“No….If you leave me, then I’ll be all alone.” Lilly’s voice was broken.



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