Sunflowers (Part 4)


The years went by,  the girl grew up quickly, and during that time Sarah has never left her alone. They were like one. Lilly tried to avoid speaking about Sarah, but her parents were not deaf enough not to hear how she was talking loudly in her room, and they weren’t blind not to see how Lilly changed. Her mom Blamed in it herself and her father blamed her too, everyday life was harder for her mom. She was watching her and couldn’t do anything and she knew that it was her fault.

“Lilly can we speak? “ She said one day.

“Yes mom…”

“My dear, I think you need help. I will stand by your side any time, you can tell me everything If you want.”

“I knew it mom.–she smiled with a beautiful smile.

“You know I heard you were speaking to someone… As I know you were alone, weren’t you?”

Lilly got what Mom was talking about, she wanted to know about her friend. there was silent in which minutes seemed centuries.

“I will try to help you.” She spoke  again. “You know how important you are for me.”

“She knows everything, It doesn’t matter you say anything or not.” Sarah’s voice came from the corner of the room.

Lilly nodded her and started to speak what was happening to her. “ Mom I know that you are worrying but you don’t have reason for it. Sarah is my friend.”

“Again Sarah” She said and put her head in her hands like she didn’t want to show her girl her tears.

“Mom she is my friend…” She said calming her mom. She clapped her hand on mom’s shoulder, trying to see her face. “You know what? She is invisible, nobody can see her, because I’m special for her. She stands in front of you now.”

Woman looked at her like she was crazy…

Days went by, she woman tried to be friendly, to make daughter forget about Sarah, but all what she had tried was useless. Lilly’s mom decided to take her to the psychologist. For first time she refused to go there, and to say a word. The room was full of toys and beautiful paintings, psychologist knew how to treat girls like Lilly and soon the girl loved her too. She was speaking to her like with She did with Sarah, and it made searching easier, but anyway she refused speaking about what happened before Sarah appeared. After a few days late Psychologist  said that The girl needed help as fast as possible, because she had a  trauma because of a huge attack on her soul, that was really hard to research because, she refused to speak about that thing.


10 years after that.

In a little room she sat on her bed, there was Sarah in the corner sitting her hands locked on her knees, they seemed sad. Door opened, and a middle aged woman entered with a short brown hair, she wore whites.

”It’s time to take your meds. “ she said in a soft voice.

Lilly watched without any gestures on her face, she was used to it. How couldn’t she It was more than 3 years after she was there.

“Shh… Sarah has a headache…” she said quickly, when woman started to come closer with noisy steps

“You have visitor outside “

Lilly’s face was motionless again. She took meds first and then walked after the woman.

“Will you come?” she asked before woman closed door.

Sarah refused.

They  were sitting in the garden full of people, some of them was walking without any emotions, some of them were jumping and  by every persons side there was a men or woman in white clothes.. Yes It was Psychiatric clinic.

A woman was sitting alone to the table, she was waiting for her daughter.

Lilly looked at her with frightening eyes. She was angry.

“I’m normal.” She started speaking with an angry voice.

“Being here is better for you.” She said and her eyes filled with tears.

They were there sitting and watching each other without words…

“If I didn’t say a word about your dead sister, your twin, you would be normal..” She whispered crying, she couldn’t watch in her eyes anymore, she blamed herself… But it wasn’t her fault, She don’’t knew what will happen after she said truth to her daughter.



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